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Views on LGBT

Sexually Ambiguous Emily Skeggs, A Liberal Who Will Try and Corrupt Your Children Tonight.

A Depiction Of A Female Athlete That Will Be Replaced By A Manly Athlete From The LGBT Community

An Image Of Our New President, Donald J. Trump

A Popular Logo Used by A Group of Mentally Ill Republicans

Sexually Ambiguous, Caster Semenya, Competing With Women at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

A Depiction of the Genetic Alterations in our DNA That Accumulate to Retard the Human Species

An Image of Jaden Smith Pretending to be a Sad Little Girl

Groups Want to Portray Elsa, From the Movie Frozen, as a Mentally Ill Ice Princess.

A Restroom the LGBT Community Would Like to Share With Members Of the Opposite Sex

A Popular Mentally Ill Athlete Named Bruce Jenner.

A young girl being held by a  cold hearted homosexual