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Abortion and Dating. Why The Urge to Kill Should be Kept Secret
Tense Silence From a Couple Upon Learning Each Others Differing Positions on Abortion
Tense Silence From a Couple Upon Learning Each Others Differing Positions on Abortion
March 4, 2016

The first date is an important part of any relationship. It is the first time we get to know our partner. It's the first time we find out their likes and dislikes. There are certain discussion topics that some consider to be extremely important. Religion and politics are a couple of these sensitive issues.

Another issue that can make or break a relationship is abortion. Most people give this issue such high importance all other issues are irrelevant. The wrong words spoken here can cause one to see the back of your dates head as he or she walks away. It can leave the date to wonder what happened or what was said to cause things to end so abruptly.

Dating is not only about getting to know your partner, it is also a chance to determine how far the relationship could go. Most people who go on dates ask themselves at some point, “Could I see myself with them for a long time period”, “Would they be good parents” or “Could they be the mother or father of my child.”

A person who could kill their baby because it is an inconvenience or it doesn't fit into their long-term plans is a lonely person indeed. Not many people want to be in a relationship with someone who would discard their child or the child of their mate. Most want to know if there is a possible future for themselves and their date.

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