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The Burkha: A Tool For Terrorism
Three Isis Soldiers in a Heated Discussion.
Three Isis Soldiers in a Heated Discussion.
May 25, 2016

The Burkha, also called burqa, is a traditional Islamic garment worn by muslim women to cover their entire body while in public. One can only see through the partially translucent material that covers the area for eyes. The burkha is usually made of a silken or polyester material due to the sweating, stinking and extreme temperatures under this garment.

This muslim garment is a reaction to the commandment by Allah that all women of muslim faith, young or old, should dress and behave modestly in public. Any lack of modesty could create sexual desire in men and could cause them to commit sin, even impure thoughts are considered sin. This degradation of women is not specific to this one instance. According to Islam, women are considered inferior, forgetful and the responsibility of beating your wife belongs to the husband.

The Burkha is very controversial since the identity of the person inside is concealed. In Britain, a woman wearing the Burkha in court and was asked to enter a plea, she was told by the judge she needed to remove her burkha since someone else could enter a plea for her. The ability to hide people or property is very disconcerting and can prove to be a problem for law enforcement.

Since the garment covers the entire body anyone or anything can be hidden under it. Imagine if you will a bank robber with a bagful of cash, fleeing and hiding under a burkha. Or imagine a terrorist under a burkha carrying a large quantity of explosives into a crowded area and blowing up themselves and many others. The ability to use the burkha as an instrument of destruction is a very real threat and to ignore that threat so no one is offended is irresponsible negligence

People in Burkha's should be approached with caution and avoided if possible. There is no telling who or what is underneath.

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