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Cabinet Nominees and the Desire for Diversity
Alexander Acosta is the New Nominee for United States Secretary of Labor
Alexander Acosta is the New Nominee for United States Secretary of Labor
February 17, 2017

After an unprecedented smear campaign directed at Andrew F. Puzder, he chose to withdrawal his nomination for United States Secretary of Labor. Puzder was extremely qualified, but the democrat party needed pacified, so the Administration let them have this small victory. On February 16 2016, President Donald J. Trump nominated Alexander Acosta to fill the position.

It’s sickening and very disheartening by those who would like to see every race treated equally, to watch the liberal media applaud the Trump Administration’s choice for labor secretary. They are more focused on the race and the “diversity” in the cabinet than they are on the qualifications of it’s members. They ignore degrees obtained, experience garnered, awards received and positions held. That’s the problem with diversity, one can never be sure they are employed because they’re skilled and good at their job or that they’re a member of a minority group. The push for diversity is also another way both parties, but mostly democrats, encourage laziness and increase the number of people dependant on government. Some people choose to avoid hard work and striving to better themselves because the people who cherish diversity will hand everything to them.

Liberals in the media and the rest of the democrats will undoubtedly find something wrong with Andrew Acosta, most likely they will say that if he’s nominated everyone will lose their jobs or that he would be horrible for the country. At this time though, they are content to make an issue of his race, one can be sure there are plenty of groups who are digging for dirt on this nominee at this very moment.

He could claim racism, but he won’t, he could say those attacking his character are doing it because they are racist, but he won’t, he won’t borrow a page out of the democrat play book because he’s a Republican.

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