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A Case for Banning the Quran
A Close-Up of the Hate Promoting Book Called the Quran
A Close-Up of the Hate Promoting Book Called the Quran
March 18, 2016

There has been much discussion recently about terrorism and the threat it poses to America. Presidential candidates are on record saying that we should prevent all muslim's from entering the country. Out of political correctness, some politicians disagree and consider that to be un-American behavior. The democrat party platform does not allow them to do anything but welcome terrorists. They realize they are impotent to do anything and try to turn the discussion. They try to politicize terrorist attacks so stricter gun laws will be passed.

There is another option that is not being considered and that is an outright ban on the Quran. Everyone knows the Quran instructs believers to kill infidels (Americans). Much has been written about that fact and multiple verses in the Quran are proof of promotion of this violence. Unfortunately, the liberal media would frown on the act of banning this book as they have the suggestion of outlawing muslim travel. History does not look kindly on the practice of banning books, but there have been instances of certain types of media being banned in recent history.

1. Anarchist Cookbook – Instruction Manual
2. Mein Kampf – Political Manifesto
3. Operation Dark Heart – Book/Manifesto
4. Songs of the South - Cartoon

This is a short list but it is extremely easy to find other books or media that are banned.

The Quran promotes violence and is hate speech. A copy of the Quran has been found with almost every terrorist. Most of those same terrorists pray to a rock in the middle east and regularly attend mosques. Banning this book would make it clear that Islamic extremists are not welcome here, that the teachings of the Quran have no place in civilized society. Discouraging muslims from entering America by banning their religious materials would be extremely hard, especially with democrats welcoming them with open arms.

Other options politicians could consider is the removal of all mosques from US soil and outlawing burkha's or hijab's. But regardless of any ban, they need to ensure the safety of every American.

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