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The Cure For Liberalism Revealed and It Isn't What You Think
The Pills Used to Treat or Cure Illnesses Other Than Liberalism
The Pills Used to Treat or Cure Illnesses Other Than Liberalism
April 15, 2016

The issue of liberalism is a rampant problem and is a mental disorder much like dementia, schizophrenia or autism. The number of people afflicted by this disorder is staggering and keeps growing year after year. According to a Gallup poll the number of people who identify as liberal have reached 31%. The psychiatric community has yet to classify this disorder as a mental one so the problem is ignored and continues to grow. The afflicted are welcomed by other liberals and are oblivious to the fact they suffer from a mental disorder.

Liberalism affects millions of people, most are between the ages of fourteen to twenty five. The fact that the majority of liberals are young adults gives a clue to the reason it exists in the first place. The ease of being a teenager and the transition to adulthood is an uncomfortable reality most would choose not to experience. As a young adult in their teenage years one usually has no cares and nothing to worry about. The only desire they have is to stay out of trouble, please their parents and to enjoy their stress free lives.

Make no mistake, the disorder called liberalism is not limited to people below a certain age. There are older liberals as well. They can usually be found in colleges, government institutions or on the west coast.

While some would like a treatment for liberalism others would like to see a cure. And yes, there is a cure for this mental disorder. It's not something developed by a pharmaceutical industry nor is it a complex medical procedure. It is something so simple it is easily overlooked. It's called responsibility.

As soon as young adults move out of their parents house, start paying taxes, have children and pay their own bills the cure starts to take hold and the liberal disorder slowly fades away. Something similar could happen with older liberals, but they usually insulate themselves from having any form of responsibility. Although there are exceptions, the amount of responsibility is inversely proportional to the degree of liberalism. Our younger generation can be inoculated or cured of this affliction by giving them responsibilities, teaching them to be self-sufficient and by instilling a strong work-ethic.

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