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Death of Harambe and Our Misplaced Values
A Depiction of Harambe From the Childs Perspective
A Depiction of Harambe From the Childs Perspective
June 3, 2016

By now everyone has seen the few videos of the child who climbed inside the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. We've all seen how effortless it was for the gorilla to quickly drag the little boy. We've all heard the distress in the mothers voice as she tries to comfort the boy from outside the enclosure. We've all read how the “Dangerous Animal Response Team” at the zoo had to put the gorilla down to protect the boy.

The zoo was required to have a protocol or plan if human beings were ever put in danger. They considered using a tranquilizer but were wary of the gorillas reaction upon being shot and the time until tranquilizers are effective (5 to 10 minutes). They tried to, unsuccessfully, coax the animal out of the enclosure and ultimately had to use deadly force.

The reaction to these events is an example of liberalism run wild and it shows how warped our values have become. There are groups of people who believe the zoo acted irrationally and are shaming the mother for negligence. They want the zoo and or mother charged with a crime. An online petition is being circulated calling for the mother to be held accountable and some want her fired from work. On the liberal bastion, the book of face, there is a group called, Justice4Harambe and the hashtag #GorillaGate was spawned for other social media. These people value the life of an animal over the life of a real boy.

Jack Hanna, the Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo, has recently come out in favor of the zoo's actions. He agrees that there is no comparison between a boy and a gorilla and stated, “A human being is alive today because of the decision the Cincinnati Zoo made.”

People are upset over the death of this gorilla and are fine with the number of unborn babies killed each day. People need to re-examine their values and think about where they receive them.

No matter your position, Harambe would be alive today if it stayed away from the child.

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