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Is There A Difference Between Murder And Abortion?
An Image of A Pregnant Woman And A Jail Cell
An Image of A Pregnant Woman And A Jail Cell
September 9, 2016

Almost all people consider murder to be a very serious crime and one that should be met with an even harsher punishment. While some societies require murderers to face life in prison, others require them to be put to death. Those societies that put murderers to death usually do it in front of large groups of people and these people are considered witnesses to the execution. According to the dictionary, the crime of murder is “the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.”

Abortion is not a crime in the United States but in some countries such as the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Chile, Honduras and El Salvador, abortion is considered a crime. These countries forbid abortion in all cases and with very rare exceptions. So according to the dictionary, the definition of murder is different in each country.

For the crime of murder to be committed, there must be another human being, or a human victim, whose life ends with the act. One cannot murder someone who is already dead and you can’t murder a cow. One can, however, murder a child, spouse, or handicapped human being and it is this requirement the pro-abortion pervert to justify the murder of the most innocent among us.

The pro-abortion’s entire argument for murder of the unborn rests in the misguided belief that there is no victim. The comfort themselves by believing the child growing inside is not a child at all, but a fetus or an appendage of the mother. It has no human rights and the characteristics usually applied to human beings are non-existent. They also wrongly believe there is no life being taken, that life begins at birth and conveniently forget all the prominent scientists and physicians who overwhelmingly claim life begins at conception.

So the answer to the question posed at the beginning of this article is that it depends on what country you stand. Abortion is the murder of the most innocent and is a legal act in the United States, but morality should not depend on the country in which you stand, what is wrong in one country is wrong in another country too.

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An Image of A Pregnant Woman And A Jail Cell

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