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Does Crooked Hillary Really Have Health Problems?
CrookedHillary Moments Before Her Episode.
CrookedHillary Moments Before Her Episode.
September 16, 2016

Most believe or are starting to at least wonder if Crooked Hillary has medical problems that could potentially interfere with her ability to command our Armed Forces. The video of her near collapse at the 9/11 memorial service makes one question her physical well-being. Her doctor, Dr. Lisa Bardack, has recently admitted she has pneumonia. She claims Crooked Hillary “...became overheated and dehydrated.” she has performed an examination and says“...she is now re-hydrated and recovering nicely.”

There is also the issue of her two-minute coughing episode at her event in Cleveland, Ohio, an episode she slyly blamed on an allergic reaction to thoughts of her GOP opponent. Her doctor has previously claimed she suffers from “hypothyroidism and seasonal pollen allergies”, she has had thrombosis as a result of a concussion from a fainting spell, she is currently taking a blood thinner and medicine for hypothyroidism.

The episode at Ground Zero has most wondering about her health, but one must not forget at the time of this articles’ creation, there are 56 days until the general election. There are a few possibilities that aren’t being explored. Mainly due to the perception Crooked Hillary’s health problems will be the most damaging to her campaign. What if health issues is exactly what she wants everyone to be talking about. Bill and Crooked Hillary have proven time countless times they are shrewed and savvy politicians and announcements from campaign’s this close to election day are almost always for political benefit. Here are alternate possibilities:

1) Hillary faked the episode to illicit sympathy from voters. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the sympathy vote is an occasion when a lot of people vote for or support a particular person because he or she has suffered recently. Common Sense, reason and rational thinking is uncommon among the general public. Crooked Hillary is gambling voters will believe she is a woman up against a corrupt all-male club and her struggle is taking a toll on her health. That would appeal to liberals or the mentally ill.

2) She wanted to leave the 9/11 memorial early. Crooked Hillary doesn’t believe 9/11 should be remembered, and believes a memorial for this date is an inconvenience to her plans. She had better things to do and the amount of patriotism shown at the memorial was revolting to her.

3) She faked the fainting spell to get her opponent to release his medical records. This is the most unlikely but is still a possibility since the liberal mind is often hard to fathom.

These alternate possibilities are reasonable and would also explain why her campaign waited until now to mention she suffers from pneumonia. Anything said by the Clinton campaign this close to election day is extremely doubtful. She may still suffer from Parkinson’s disease, but don’t expect them to admit that.

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