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Expiration Dates on All New Government Agencies
A Reasonable Facsimile of Our Ever Growing Government
A Reasonable Facsimile of Our Ever Growing Government
September 23, 2016

We all realize the necessity of government. Whether its to provide for national defense, provide a police force or to fill potholes we need a government to fill those roles. Some liberals will even go so far as to claim the government is to provide health care to every citizen and say the role of government is to give them things that belong to others. These liberals are indoctrinated at a young age to believe this nonsense but regardless, some form of government is still necessary. Without it we would devolve into a state of anarchy where mob rule and survival of the fittest would become the new normal.

America's current political landscape is like a symphony of different agencies working, not in harmony, to provide the duties necessary for a government to function. Sometimes politicians will create additional agencies if there happens to be a natural or man-made disaster. Knee-jerk reactions like these are unfortunate and end up costing taxpayers a substantial amount. This usually happens to satisfy a certain group, pacify ones political party or to be perceived as working toward a resolution. They can claim to be “doing something about it”. The created agencies have a workforce which makes it very difficult to dissolve. The political party striving to stop the hemorrhaging of government will be viewed as trying to kill jobs or increase unemployment.

The Department of Homeland Security is a good example of an agency that should never have been created. It's creation was a reactionary measure to the muslim attacks on September 11, 2001. Unfortunately, this agency will never be dissolved and will remain even if other agencies can perform the same function. At the time of this article’s creation, this department had 240,000 employees and hardly any politicians want to be seen as abolishing all those jobs.

The most logical thing to do is give all new agencies an expiration date upon creation. The employees would know their government job is temporary and could start looking for other work long before they become unemployed.

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