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The Folly of Depicting Criminals as One Race and One Gender
An Image of a Sinister Looking Criminal
An Image of a Sinister Looking Criminal
August 19, 2016

If anyone was to watch a commercial featuring a robber or a burglar, or if one was to search for “robber” or “burglar” on Google Images, they would most likely see a sinister looking male character. This happens 99.99% of the time and there is never any other race and there is never a female. Just try and remember the last criminal you've seen depicted on television and you will know this to be true.

Portraying all criminals as coming from one race and sex is to endanger the public. You become comfortable believing all criminals look a certain way and are not wary of any other race. One doesn't even consider females could be perpetrators of crime. This is a perfect example of “political correctness” and how the desire to avoid the racism or sexism label can backfire. People could end up losing their property or life due to propagation of the myth criminals are only one race and one gender.

Choosing to be blind to a person's criminal behaviour by ignoring their race is a form of racism, while those that choose to be cognizant of a persons race is a person who lives in reality. The “Knockout Game” was started by criminals preying on people who chose to believe that there was never any danger. Groups of teens would wander the streets at night looking for lone victims. When an unsuspecting victim got close he or she would be violently sucker-punched. If only the lone victim was more vigilant perhaps he or she would never have gotten close in the first place.

The point of this article is to enlighten others. People should be aware of their surroundings and not ignore criminals because of their skin tone or gender.

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