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The Future of Women in The Olympic Games
Sexually Ambiguous, Caster Semenya, Competing With Women at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games
Sexually Ambiguous, Caster Semenya, Competing With Women at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games
September 2, 2016

Those familiar with the Olympic games know there are multiple categories with multiple events and almost all of these are divided into men’s and women’s. An example would be swimming, this category is divided into different race lengths, different types of swimming and further divided into male and female. The events are divided by gender to prevent any bias or unfair advantage in each. If a man was to compete in a women’s Olympic event he could easily win.

The International Olympic Committee is very aware of this and in the past would require questionable athletes to undergo sexual verification tests. One of the first of these would test for the presence of the “SRY Gene”. This gene attaches to the “Y” chromosome and was designed to identify males masquerading as females. This practice was protested and eliminated. Multiple professional organizations have come out against the practice of chromosome testing, including the American Medical Association. They have described this practice as humiliating, insensitive and not entirely accurate.

Testosterone testing was later introduced by the IOC to identify those cases where testosterone levels were above a certain amount. High levels of the hormone contribute to male characteristics and increased muscle mass.

Those who watched the 2016 Olympic games in Rio know that, sexually ambiguous, Caster Semenya easily defeated her closest challenger to win the women’s 800 meter gold medal. She didn’t even appear to be breathing hard. One could easily mistake her for a male runner, since she has abnormally high levels of testosterone in her body. She has refused to take any chromosomal test and has many male characteristics. Her home country of South Africa objects to any testing and claim her rights are being violated.

As is their nature, liberals attribute Semenya’s manliness to a medical condition. They would like the world to accept homosexuality and ignore any signs of masculinity. They object to the very idea of “women’s” sports.

The line between male and female gets smaller and smaller each year and soon it will be non-existent. Competing countries will use their own manly athletes to compete with other manly athletes and soon all female Olympic sporting events will consist of nothing but men.

Liberals and Democrats will be pleased.

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