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Do Those with Homosexual and Transgender Tendencies Attempt to Recruit Children?
A Popular Mentally Ill Athlete Named Bruce Jenner.
A Popular Mentally Ill Athlete Named Bruce Jenner.
March 11, 2016

As we send our children to a public school, we want to believe they will be protected emotionally as well as physically. The reality of public school is far different. They are confronted with sex, violence, peer pressure and every kind of “ism” one can imagine. The school faculty is only there to educate, and they are only able to do a sub-par job at that. They don't ensure our children are protected from things that would do harm or contradict their parents.

Another potential threat is the LGBT community. This group has mental issues, and their members reinforce the delusions of other members. One person says to another “You don't have a problem and there is nothing wrong with you”, this is believed and repeated to other members. Soon you have a large community of people that refuse to seek help, believing the issue is other people and ignore their own mental problems, some mild and some serious. The mental issues of the LGBT community range from one person attracted to the same sex to people wanting to be a different sex and having surgery to achieve that goal.

Having members of the LGBT community in our children's school is scary and very dangerous. It is not only the community that is threatening but it's also democrats and the liberal media. They champion and enforce tolerance of the group member's abnormal behavior. A large percentage of teachers are members of a teachers union so will also enforce tolerance or force children to accept a deviant lifestyle.

Having a gay gym teacher watch little boys change in the locker room is extremely disgusting. Liberalism and political correctness keep some from objecting to this perverted behavior. The LGBT community is aware of this and feel free to fulfill their sick fantasies on our children.

Democrats are pleased by this.

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