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How Abortion Doctors of Today Compare with Nazi Physicians of WWII
The gates of Aushwitz concentration camp
The gates of Aushwitz concentration camp
February 5, 2016

Planned Parenthood killed approximately 891,000 babies in 2015. Close to six million Jews were killed in Adolf Hitler's final solution. The similarities between the eras of each is striking. Hitler considered Jews to be an inferior species. Abortion doctors consider an unborn baby to be less than inferior, in fact, the babies are looked at as a clump of cells, an appendage of the mother or fetal tissue that can easily be discarded. Below you will find other areas in which the two are similar.

Joseph Mengele was an SS officer notorious for his actions at the Auschwitz concentration camp.He conducted a variety of inhumane experiments on prisoners and looks like a school nurse compared to the abortion doctors of today. Once Hitler decided that the Jews of Europe were to be exterminated, Mengele oversaw their murder. During World War II he discovered he could perform genetic experiments on human beings as well. Abortion doctors of today murder the most innocent and then donate or sell the bodies to scientist who conduct genetic research. They kill in the name of science or for profit, Mengele killed out of loyalty to Hitler.

The extermination camps or death camps were where mass executions took place via gas chambers. These death camps were in place to kill large groups of Jews at once. An Abortion doctor kills each baby one at a time and they use a variety of instruments. They can kill by sucking the baby from the womb with a syringe, crushing larger babies with forceps, cutting and tearing bodies with a surgical knife for easier suction, drowning with saline solutions, forcing labor no matter the age, cutting through the mothers abdomen to retrieve the baby and last but not least are “partial birth abortions.” These are now considered illegal.

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