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How the Black Lives Matter Movement is Racist
BlackLivesMatter Protesters Celebrating as a Business Burns During the Baltimore Riots
BlackLivesMatter Protesters Celebrating as a Business Burns During the Baltimore Riots
May 6, 2016

George Zimmerman is known for the justified shooting of Trayvon Martin on February 26th 2012. Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of Martin. Much like the acquittal of O.J. Simpson, the acquittal of Zimmerman sent shock-waves through American communities. The liberal media gave this shooting and the subsequent trial almost 24 hour news coverage, due to the fact Martin was black and technically a teenager. It spawned the popular hash-tag #BlackLivesMatter and was also catalyst for violent protests and street demonstrations. The movement gained even more steam with the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri and Eric Garner in New York.

The way the name and hash-tag for this movement is racist is obvious to most. It states that “Black Lives Matter” and most perceive that to mean black lives mean something while others do not. It implies that only certain skin-tone's are valuable. The phrase “All Lives Matter” is just as relevant, but never used. Multiple offshoots have been started due to the popularity of the BLM movement. “BlueLivesMatter” was created for police, "WhiteLivesMatter" was created for whites, “AllLivesMatter” was created for everyone who needs reassured their lives matter. Even “AllLabsMatter” has been created for Labrador Retriever's.

All democrat's running for the Office of the Presidency have been asked if BlackLivesMatter or AllLivesMatter. The one (O'Malley) that chose to answer AllLivesMatter apologized for it and has since dropped out. Most never dreamed there would be a day when a candidate for President would feel the need to apologize for saying “All Lives Matter” That just shows how far the democrat party has fallen. America shouldn't be surprised, especially with the eagerness the democrat party has for killing the most innocent and vulnerable.

If the phrase “All Lives Matter” doesn't sit well with protesters or the BLM movement then perhaps the movement should be renamed “Black Lives Matter Too”

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