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How Giving Elsa a Girlfriend Could Spell Doom for Disney
Groups Want to Portray Elsa, From the Movie Frozen, as a Mentally Ill Ice Princess.
Groups Want to Portray Elsa, From the Movie Frozen, as a Mentally Ill Ice Princess.
May 13, 2016

Recently, while viewing @inacowcom twitter feed, and I decided to look at Twitter “Moments”. I came across something so awful and disgusting that I had to write an article about it. Apparently there is a group of mentally handicapped (LGBT) people who would like to see Elsa from the movie Frozen have a girlfriend. They have created the hash-tag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend and would like for their to be a role model for young LGBT members to look up to. They want those who have a mental disorder to believe their abnormal feelings are common and the afflicted are featured in high grossing movies.

This is another example of the LGBT trying to reinforce the delusions of others. They would like all mentally challenged people to believe there is nothing wrong and those who aren't accepting of this deviant lifestyle are the ones with the problem.

One shouldn't believe for a second that Disney would propagate the homosexual lifestyle, but should be aware of the LGBT intentions. Their ultimate goal is to have free and open sex with anyone they choose, wherever they choose. This is but one of many attempts made by the LGBT community to get close to children.

If Disney did decide to introduce our children to the homosexual lifestyle then their would be multiple consequences. For starters the entire image of Disney would cease to be one of family friendliness and become one of liberalism, promiscuity and immorality. They would cease to be known for “Micky Mouse” and become known for indoctrination and corruption of children.

Another way Disney would suffer is through their pocket book. Ticket sales, proceeds, endorsements, royalty deals, ad revenue, admission to Disneyland and Disneyworld, virtually anything that highlighted the Disney name would experience a decline in revenue. Most parents would avoid Disney movies like the plague.

Disney stock would plummet and shareholders would also see a decline in revenue. Those holding shares of Walt Disney Co. would sell as soon as trading began.

Portraying Elsa as a mentally ill ice princess would definitely spell doom for Disney.

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