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How The LGBT Fits Into The Republican Party
A Popular Logo Used by A Group of Mentally Ill Republicans
A Popular Logo Used by A Group of Mentally Ill Republicans
October 7, 2016

Anyone who regularly reads will know that we view homosexuality as a choice made by those who view the world through liberal eyes. They will also know that liberalism is a mental disorder much like autism, dementia or schizophrenia. So where do LGBT Republicans fit into this view? This article will attempt to answer this question.

We can begin by stating that just because someone identifies as Rebublican doesn’t mean they are conservative or have any appreciation for life or family values. The GOP comes in all colors, shapes and sizes and it just means their voter’s registration card says “Republican” or they have an “R” by their name. We must also be aware that the republican party doesn’t consist of only conservatives. There are those who view some issues like abortion or race so important that voting democrat is inconceivable.

One must also realize that there are liberals who vote republican too. Remember we view liberalism as a mental disorder and the liberal mind is hard to fathom. It’s like going into an insane asylum and trying to figure out why it’s residents do the things they do. It’s these liberals who vote for their opposing party in an attempt to remove or punish politicians in their own.

There are some in the LGBT who know that their behavior is so deviant, they try and make up for it by voting for normal people. Their lust for members of the same sex is abnormal and maybe laws passed by the GOP will help them control their sick behavior since they are unable to do it themselves. They feel guilty for their twisted behavior and the fact most conservatives believe in smaller government is lost on them.

So what is to be made of these LGBT Republicans? Nothing. We should not accept their deviant lifestyle, nor should Republicans accept them with open arms – even though some will try for their vote. We should maintain our dignity and self respect. The fact that we are the party of morality is what makes us so attractive in the first place.

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