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How Stereotypes are Beneficial to Society
An Angry Looking Muslim Protestor
An Angry Looking Muslim Protestor
February 12, 2016

Guy's walk into a bar and always orders a beer. Girls walk into a bar and always orders a wine cooler or something with low alcohol content. Both of the preceding statements can be considered stereotypes about the drinking habits of both male and females. Is this fair? Is this correct?

By definition a stereotype is a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. This article does not dispute that but one must admit that stereotype's exist for a reason. They are not made up out of malice or ignorance. They exist because a large percentage of that “particular type of person or thing” does certain things or has certain traits. To ignore the stereotype is to turn a blind eye to those actions or traits which created it in the first place.

Certain groups of people would like us to ignore them since they strive to change public perception of those same groups. When you hear stereotype's like “all black people commit crime” or “all muslims want to kill Americans”, it might be wise to pay attention to them since they are true most of the time.

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