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How The Democrats Can Get Their Mojo Back
An Image of The Things Bitter People Cling To, Guns And The Bible.
An Image of The Things Bitter People Cling To, Guns And The Bible.
December 23, 2016

The democrat party was schlonged in 2016, but that isn’t rare. Since 2009 the democrats have lost 13 seats in the Senate, 69 seats in the House of Representatives, 30 state legislatures, and the governors office in 12 states. Their belief that it’s the GOP who is a dying party is extremely misguided, questionable at best and wishful thinking of democrat party leaders.

Only a few years back there were people called “Blue-Dog Democrats” who have become so rare one might think they are extinct. They were a group of conservative democrats who often shared the same beliefs as republicans and made the parties nominee appear comical during the general election. The nominee would try to appeal to liberals in some states and then try to appeal to conservatives in others. Someone in a conservative state would often see “blue-dog” democrats doing their very best to convince others they have faith in God, they have pro-life views or they are thankful for our 2nd amendment rights while their parties liberal platform said otherwise.

The apparent extinction of the conservative democrat has given the party license to embrace their liberal views. In the last election, the democrat running for office had middle of the road politics who was married to someone who could claim to be a “blue-dog” democrat. Their party chose a socialist to run against her and had the result of pushing their nominee to the far-left. Their nominee’s far-left views further cemented the belief the democrats are extremely liberal. That belief is the subject of this article.

The belief democrats are extremely liberal has unintended consequences. For one, all voters expect certain behaviors from the party. People see a democrat and automatically assume they kill the unborn, are godless, want to take your firearms, want to raise taxes...this list of immorality goes on and on. Another consequence is large swaths of the country turn to conservatives in another party and voters who are some-what liberal become much more liberal.

Voters who are extremely liberal want certain things from their nominee and if they don’t get that they look elsewhere. They might look at the socialist, communist, green or libertarian party for shared views and it is this party for whom they vote. This has the effect of decreasing the number of people who vote for the democrat. This process is self-fulfilling and will cause the vote counts for third parties to increase, vote counts for republicans to increase and democrats to lose future elections.

The democrats have few options remaining, they can embrace liberalism, locate and elect more conservative democrats, get the “blue-dogs” back but, I digress, inacow will remain silent since, we don’t want democrats in power in the first place.

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