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Illegal Aliens Of California And Our Election Integrity
A Street Sign Warning Passing Motorists To Watch For Illegal Aliens Crossing The Street
A Street Sign Warning Passing Motorists To Watch For Illegal Aliens Crossing The Street
December 9, 2016

The Department of Homeland Security estimated that in January of 2012, there were 11.4 million illegal aliens living in our country. Although the presence of these aliens is harmful to our economy, this article does not attempt to address these concerns, instead we intend to focus on the illegal alien vote and how it’s harmful to our election’s integrity. The state with the largest illegal alien population is none other than California, the “The Golden State”.

In the state of California, the estimated population of all illegals was 2,930,000 or 25% of all illegal aliens in the United States. It is also extremely likely that some or all of these illegal aliens voted, given the issues discussed in the election. There was talk of stopping all illegal aliens from entering this country, there was talk of banning muslims/terrorists from entering and there was talk of limiting the number of H1B visa holders. Few illegal alien wanted any of these restrictions nor do they want any interruption in their free lunch from Uncle Sam and compared to what they’re currently guilty of, voting in a Presidential election would be a minor offense.

The state of California is very liberal in it’s voting laws and enforcement is almost non-existent. California accepts mail-in ballots, they don’t require photo id and they even allow convicted felons to vote while behind bars. Since the alien population is lower in every other state, it would be fiscally reasonable to conduct a recount in only this state. This recount would need to be done to ascertain the number and validity of all votes cast.

President-Elect Donald J. Trump has stated, via Twitter, that he won the Electoral College and the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. The former part of this claim can easily be validated, but the latter part could only be validated with a recount. The next President won the popular vote in every state but one, it is very reasonable and vital that we as American’s have faith in our election process and this could be accomplished by verifying the abnormal voting of California.

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