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The Inconvenient Truth of the Excuse Known as ADHD
A Trusting Child Fed Large Amounts of ADHD drugs
A Trusting Child Fed Large Amounts of ADHD drugs
April 8, 2016

All parents would agree that the hardest or the most taxing job they will ever have in their life is the job of parenthood. From teaching right from wrong, teaching manners or instilling a sense of responsibility in our children, the job of being a good parent is extremely difficult. Although most will agree, being a bad parent is a lot easier but not nearly as rewarding. Children of bad parents usually have kids who end up on drugs, in prison, homeless or choose rebellion with sexual debauchery.

The job of parenthood gets even more difficult when your child has to face the challenges created by the public school system. These challenges can take the form of liberalism, the LGBT community, the media, peer pressure and this is only naming a few.

Having your child do well in school is very important to most parents, although there are some parents who could care less. Our kids future is often determined by the quality of education received, and the grades the kids bring home can be an overwhelming pressure on parents.

Most parents don't like to be told there are things that need to be done differently or that educating their child is a challenge so educators and parents are usually not on the same page when it comes to a difficult child.

Things change dramatically when an educator or doctor suggests the child might have a very serious problem known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. The parents feel absolved of all responsibility or feelings that they might be the cause of their child's bad performance. The child is almost always medicated which leads to the stifling of creativity, decrease in intelligence and the child's imagination is reduced. The public school system gets a child that conforms or fits into the socialist idea of the perfect class. Drug company's and insurance agencies make a profit off the large quantity of medicine prescribed.

Everyone is a winner except the child.

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