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Infiltration By the LGBT Community Will Devastate Female Sports
A Depiction Of A Female Athlete That Will Be Replaced By A Manly Athlete From The LGBT Community
A Depiction Of A Female Athlete That Will Be Replaced By A Manly Athlete From The LGBT Community
January 20, 2017

As most are probably aware, sports featuring women and those sports that feature women in skimpy outfits are some of the highest grossing. They attract large followings, not only due to athletic enthusiasts, but also due to the eye-candy on display. It’s the moral equivalent of socially acceptable pornography that husbands can watch right in front of their mothers, wives and daughters.

Volleyball, track, figure skating, tennis and gymnastics are examples and most can recall a female athlete from each of these sports. The introduction of an ugly athlete into these sports is never noticed, but that changes when that same ugly athlete starts winning. That ugly athlete goes from relative obscurity and is thrust into the spotlight for all to see.

The introduction of the LGBT community in women’s sports will be a slow but gradual process. It will most likely start with effeminate males masquerading as females to gain entry into the sport. This process has already begun in the sport of tennis and the sex of the Williams sisters is questionable at best. Almost the entire sport of figure skating features effeminate males or ugly females and it has become unbearable, the only reason to watch the sport is to see athletes from other countries. It is only a matter of time before the other sporting events are infected by the LGBT and their toxic brand of liberalism.

We have already been witness to the sexually ambiguous athlete from South Africa who competed in the women’s sporting event in Rio. Even though it claims to be female there is no denying that it's appearance is revolting.

There are a few athletic sports that remain unaffected by the LGBT, sports like beach volleyball and gymnastics, even if they haven’t already been introduced to the deviant lifestyle, it is only a matter of time.

Producers, team owners, coaches and the International Olympic committee will soon have to make a choice. The sport will have to choose between winning and ticket sales, but no matter what they decide, the LGBT will end up destroying female sports.

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