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The Liberal Parent: The United States Government
A Pliable Liberal on the White House Lawn Receiving Feelings of Warmth After Finding Her Perfect Parental Figure
A Pliable Liberal on the White House Lawn Receiving Feelings of Warmth After Finding Her Perfect Parental Figure
April 29, 2016

Most of our young children today look up to their parents. They strive to learn right from wrong and obtain a set of values they can use to navigate their way through life. Usually parents of these children want to pass on those values they see as important to their world view. The most known views passed down include politics, religion and a sense of morality.

Sometimes the parents we are given are not like the parents we would like to have, especially when we reach that age where we start to form our own values and our own world view. We must be grateful for what we have since some people don't have anyone to call mom and dad.

The parents of a liberal child have the same duties and responsibilities as any parent of a normal child would, except they are usually taken for granted and unappreciated. Having a child with a mental disability like liberalism can be frustrating but also extremely rewarding. Unfortunately, most parents fail at raising the liberal child and are unable to provide the necessary remedy for this mental disorder. This can be confirmed with multiple polls stating that 31% of Americans call themselves liberal.

When a liberal has parents that don't meet their expectations or lofty ideals then they tend to look elsewhere for guidance and that usually takes the form of a parental figure. The first place they tend to look is television. Role models are hard to find in Hollywood since most of them have the same values or complete lack of values that they do. The liberal soon realizes that looking to television for a replacement parent is unrealistic and turn elsewhere.

The next and last place they turn is to the US Government. Here they see an extremely large organization providing for others with grants or subsidies, protecting people with the military or police, providing jobs for thousands of people, fixing roads, highways and maintaining airspace. They see our laws and make the mistake of confusing them for moral values, even though laws are often immoral.

The liberal sees all these things our government does and says to themselves, “This is my mom and dad.”

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