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Views on Liberalism

CSS Rules. The Things Vladimir Putin Used To Hack Our Election Machines.

Host of The Once Popular Daily Show. A Show That Once Billed Itself As “The Most Trusted Name in Fake News”

An Image of Frequently Wrong Media Members, Peter Jennings, Chris Mathews, Savanah Guthrie and Anderson Cooper.

The 2016 Election Map Showing All Red States Won by President-Elect Trump

An Image of A Liberal Utopia Where Chaos and Mob Rule Reign Supreme

A Reasonable Facsimile of Our Ever Growing Government

A Photo Of The Sinister Union Between Mezvinsky and The Clinton Empire

A Depiction of Harambe From the Childs Perspective

A Pliable Liberal on the White House Lawn Receiving Feelings of Warmth After Finding Her Perfect Parental Figure

The Pills Used to Treat or Cure Illnesses Other Than Liberalism

A Trusting Child Fed Large Amounts of ADHD drugs

A college liberal acting superior to others