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Liberalism is Retardation Caused by an Overabundance of Recessive Genes
A college liberal acting superior to others
A college liberal acting superior to others
February 19, 2016

The theory of liberalism states that this retardation is caused by an overabundance of recessive genes. The theory is not widely circulated, since it is not politically correct or isn't fair to other mentally handicapped people. Liberals are usually quick to back down, relent or give up to anyone who challenges their misguided opinions. They call this eagerness to be corrected “open-mindedness”.

When a child is conceived it receives genes from both the mother and father. These inherited genes can be either dominant or recessive. When a child receives genes for eye color and the father gives a recessive blue gene and the mother gives a dominant green gene, then the child will have green eyes. The dominant gene always wins. If a child receives recessive genes for a large variety of traits then a liberal child is born.

This is called the liberalism theory. These retarded people should be medicated with large doses of anti-depressants and their drivers licenses should have a special endorsement. One can just imagine liberals in a hunter gatherer type society. They would not leave their caves, their panties would always be too tight and the family they provide for would starve to death. Our society would be much better off if liberals took a back-seat on everything.

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A college liberal acting superior to others

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