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Marc Mezvinsky And The Clinton’s Toxic Liberalism
A Photo Of The Sinister Union Between Mezvinsky and The Clinton Empire
A Photo Of The Sinister Union Between Mezvinsky and The Clinton Empire
August 12, 2016

Most people know nothing about the strange man who accompanies Chelsea Clinton to the speeches she gives. The media tends to go out of their way to avoid speaking of him and feel free to let the public assume he is a stalker or a secret service agent. Due to the media’s liberal bias and their wish to please the Democrat party, they like to portray Chelsea as a single woman with zero family values. They want their viewers to believe everything she is and everything she has is due only to Chelsea and that stranger by her side contributes nothing. is not beholden to advertisers, political parties or any special interests so we are free to enlighten the general public.

The man is named Marc Mezvinsky and he is the husband of Chelsea Clinton and father to their two children, Aiden and Charlotte. He grew up in a deeply conservative household and graduated from Stanford with a Bachelor's in religious studies and philosophy. He later received a Master’s degree from Oxford in politics, philosophy and economics and worked for a brief stint at Goldman Sachs, one of the largest donors to Crooked Hillary. Along with two other partners, he founded his own hedge-fund firm, Eaglevale Partners.

Due to his conservative upbringing and his extensive education he was, reportedly, extremely concerned with the toxic liberalism and pro-abortion attitudes held by Crooked Hillary and Chelsea. This concern apparently did nothing to harm the relationship, although Marc’s father did not attend his son’s wedding. They tried to attribute his absence to family issues and fraud but any reasonable person could see through this political act of diversion.

The relationship with the Clinton empire has proven to be a lucrative arrangement for Eaglevale. Much like the Clinton Foundation, investors with ties to the Clinton's have attributed over 10 million dollars. More on this can be found from, the liberal bastion, the NYTimes. The Clinton Cash movie is also an excellent resource that highlights donations made to the Clinton Foundation and how their empire accumulated so much wealth.

Like Bill and Crooked Hillary, this marriage is one of convenience and the birth of Marc and Chelsea’s children were most likely against Chelsea’s wishes.

The Clinton empire continues with the heir’s to the throne.

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A Photo Of The Sinister Union Between Mezvinsky and The Clinton Empire

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