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Views on Politics

The White House at Night

An Image of The Things Bitter People Cling To, Guns And The Bible.

An Image of the Room the Trump Administration Will Need to Combat The Liberal Media

An Image of the Soon to Be Defeated, Crooked Hillary

An Image of a Saddened Crooked Hillary After Hearing Her Doctor’s Diagnosis

CrookedHillary Moments Before Her Episode.

A Sad And Defeated Bernie Sanders

Images of Both Lynch and Clinton Moments Before the Sneaky Meeting in Phoenix

An Image of A Younger Crooked Hillary And Her Husband Drinking Coffee

Goofy Elizabeth Warren Giving the Traditional Indian Greeting “How”

A Group of Military Officers in Formation.

A Close-Up of the Hate Promoting Book Called the Quran

President Obama Receiving the Nobel Peace Prize from Chairman Thorbjorn Jagland