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How the President Should Respond to Officer Involved Shootings
Our President Lecturing the Public On Race
Our President Lecturing the Public On Race
August 5, 2016

After each shooting involving a police officer and those in the minority community, Obama has come out and held a press conference. He usually states something along the lines of, “we have a problem in this country” or “the divide between our police force and the minority population is greater than ever” He usually sees these events as an opportunity to lecture the population on race and racial discrimination. President Barack Hussein Obama rarely says anything without running it by the rest of the democrat party first and these sanctimonious speeches are no exception.

What he should be telling the minority community is something along the lines of, “don’t break the law” or “don’t resist arrest” or “avoid altercations with police if at all possible.” He never says things like this due to it not being approved by the democrat party or because it doesn’t align with the platform of their party. To criticize the criminal element will alienate a large block of democrat voters. It’s like he has a megaphone and his speeches can reach large portions of the population. A speech like this could conceivably save lives and yet he refuses to give it.

Apparently, there is a large quantity of people who believe that an argument with police can be won. They assume to know the law better than the police force and believe their superior knowledge gives them special privileges. This is far from the truth and yet the President and the rest of the democrats continue to propagate this myth. Even if they are 100% correct and the police officer is wrong they will still receive a ticket, receive a warning or get arrested.

Our President never stands with or comes to the defense of law enforcement either, he is always silent when an officer is involved in a shooting. According to him, the criminals are always right and it is the officer’s actions that are in question.

These are the actions of our current President and things will continue if Hillary Rodham Clinton is elected.

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