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Proposal: We Need Motion Activated, Sniper Rifle Turrets at the Southern Border
An SUV Trying to Drive Over the Border Fence. It Got Stuck and The Criminals Fled.
An SUV Trying to Drive Over the Border Fence. It Got Stuck and The Criminals Fled.
April 1, 2016

Border security is an important topic for discussion. The majority of the American people consider it a hot-button issue and politicians routinely bring up. The threat posed by illegal immigration is no laughing matter and should not be taken lightly. There is the threat of terrorists crossing into America, the decrease in the number of “Help Wanted” ads, the image of lawlessness, gangs and Mexican drug cartel.

Some American cities are so happy to see these threats they go out of their way to avoid enforcing the laws created to prevent them. These cities are called “Sanctuary Cities.” City employees decline to notify the federal government of their broken laws under the guise of protecting “Immigrant Rights.” These cities also encourage other laws to be broken by illegal aliens and Immigration and Customs enforcement (ICE) are usually not notified.

The threat of an illegal alien or terrorist sneaking across the border to kill Americans is not hard to fathom. Allowing this to happen and being in office at the time could mean the end of a politicians career.

There are 10,317,120 feet at America's southern border, todays sniper rifles can shoot up to 3608 feet so we would need around 2,000 automated turrets. They would need to be self sustaining, require little maintenance and be extremely efficient. They would need some kind of protection from the elements (rain). Being elevated or inside some type of bunker would be options that should be considered. They should be motion activated so we would not have any hesitation or any soldiers succumbing to a crisis of conscience.

The cost of these turrets would not even compare to the amount we are spending on border security now. Now we are paying for ICE, deportations, repeat deportations, incarcerations and the fence. This is feasible and affordable, we only need to get past the moral issue. This proposal may appeal to the democrat party since they are comfortable killing large numbers of unborn each year.

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