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Are the Recipients of Violence by Police Guilty of Causing the Violence?
Unarmed black youth rioting and destroying property.
Unarmed black youth rioting and destroying property.
March 4, 2016

There have been many instances of supposed police misconduct in the media in recent days, they seem almost eager to tell us all about the deeds of evil policemen. One can go on-line and find multiple videos of death, injury or violence where police is involved. The many cell phones capable of taking video is the source of all the evidence. The ratings for the liberal media increase a substantial amount when video of police violence surfaces, and the rating are even higher when that video contains an unarmed black man.

Some argue that body cameras worn by all on duty police officers will stem the tide of this violence. They are wrong, since most police just assume they are being filmed anyway. It is a safe assumption too since Pew research has conducted a study and found that sixty one percent of people in the United States have smart phones.

Most confrontations occur when the people who are the supposed victims of police misconduct challenge police authority. This can occur in many forms from civil disobedience to outright violence against the policemen. Most times though it starts as something simple and escalates to violence, the police then have authority to use deadly force.

The problem is not police, it is the result of children never learning to respect authority figures. This lack of respect will only get worse with the increase of society's liberal values (a complete lack of values), the media’s quest for higher ratings and the decline in the family unit.

An advanced society needs a police force. They maintain order and are the people you call when one is the victim of a crime. Arm yourself now because soon you won't be able to call police for help.

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