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Request For Our New President Donald J. Trump
An Image Of Our New President, Donald J. Trump
An Image Of Our New President, Donald J. Trump
November 21, 2016

As most readers of inacow know, we view liberalism as a mental illness and the LGBT community is made up of liberals who have made a choice. These readers will also know, of all the websites that support our new President, ours has been one of the most supportive. The general election is over and Trump has been chosen by the American people to lead them for the next four, maybe eight, years. Although the liberal media has been taken by surprise, some of us consider the election results a forgone conclusion. Now we can move on to the policy issues we would prefer that President Trump would adopt as his own.

Our new republican President is one of the most accepting of the deviant lifestyle practiced by the LGBT community. President Trump has stated he opposes the law passed to protect the citizens of North Carolina from sexual perverts. He also feels that “Transgender” people should use the bathroom they feel is most appropriate, even if that puts a man in the same bathroom as little girls. He has spoken of his friendship with Bruce Jenner, In a post-election interview, the President confirmed his support for this disgusting practice by stating he would not try to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision on gay-marriage.

Our new President's acceptance stems from him being a businessman. It’s not that he is in support of the LGBT, it’s more of him viewing the world through a businessman’s eyes. President Trump does not consider most social issues, family values or morality to be important to his bottom-line, he thinks in dollars and cents. It is this outlook on life that has made him a very rich man and it is this type of President America might need right now.

We would like to ask the President to please reconsider your views on the homosexual lifestyle. The LGBT community is indicative of our descent into depravity and family values are extremely important to the moral fabric of our society. Most likely, President Trump will have someone in his cabinet make recommendations or the Supreme Court will decide these issues but it is your words or opinions that have influence over their decisions.

Please be aware, this is only a request and had no influence on our vote and will have none four years from now.

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