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The Riots In Charlotte
Rioters run as flash-bang grenades are used near the Omni Hotel in Charlotte N.C.
Rioters run as flash-bang grenades are used near the Omni Hotel in Charlotte N.C.
September 30, 2016

It’s happened again, this time it’s in Charlotte and reportedly there are rioters being bussed in from other states. According to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police, probably 70% of those arrested in the riots had out of state ID’s. After the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore, chaos has gripped the metropolitan area of Charlotte NC. This time the shooting victim was one Keith Lamont Scott, he was killed by police after exiting his car with a weapon which he refused to drop even when there were loud, clear verbal commands to drop the weapon. He posed an imminent deadly threat to officers and force was used to ensure public safety. Scott’s family has tried to convince the world he was disabled, unarmed and was sitting in his car reading a book.

The Officer involved in the shooting was a man named Brentley Vinson, who followed in his fathers footsteps to become exactly what his father was before him. He has been a member of the Charlotte-Meckelburg police department for the past two years. It’s good to see that he hasn’t been vilified and demonized like Office Darren Wilson, but it’s sad he has escaped scrutiny because of his race. Both Officer Vinson and Scott are black and that dynamic doesn’t sit well with those who would like to stoke the fires of racism.

If one were to believe every headline the media put forth, they would think the violence in Charlotte is a small isolated incident. Due to their rampant liberalism and desire to please the democrat party, they strive to influence public perception and get people to believe the Charlotte riots were nothing but peaceful protests. Examples of this can be found by visiting Google or Bing news (or any news aggregator) and observing the Charlotte stories.

The incident involving Keith Lamont Scott was tragic, but could have been avoided if he would have dropped his weapon. If an officer of the law tells you to do something, you do it without question and without hesitation.

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