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Sanders Endorsement Hurts Clinton Campaign
A Sad And Defeated Bernie Sanders
A Sad And Defeated Bernie Sanders
July 15, 2016

In the early months of this election, Crooked Hillary was the only democrat to announce her intentions to run for President. No one wanted to stand in the way of her presidential bid, but the democrat party didn’t want there to be any perception that this election would be a coronation. They found an extreme liberal from Vermont to oppose her and make the race appear competitive. Bernie Sanders appeared to be an excellent choice, he didn’t have too much ambition, publicly described himself as socialist and was an old white male. The problem was that most democrats underestimated Sanders and his ability to connect with the mentally ill.

Bernie Sanders attracted a large following of liberals to his campaign and would often use rhetoric that would make “Hugo Chavez” blush. He promised almost everything to his mentally unstable following. He promised free college education, he promised a youth jobs program, he would expand and extend social security, he would spend a trillion dollars on our infrastructure and he promised 12 weeks of paid family medical leave. All of these things would be paid for by punishing the successful and his mentally unstable following ate it up.

At a New Hampshire rally on July 12, Bernie Sanders officially endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton for President due to his lackluster delegate count compared to Crooked Hillary. By the time Sanders had 1 delegate she already had some 300 pledged delegates, so it was almost impossible for him to win. Bernie was always viewed as the underdog and an outsider and his following grew due to that perception. He continuously railed against Crooked Hillary and would criticize her for being too close to wall street, how she supported every disastrous trade agreement, her Iraq war vote and the obscene amount of money in politics. He also said that Crooked Hillary wasn’t qualified to be President.

Sanders has lost the nomination and his supporters feel betrayed. Bernie’s following aren’t falling in line like originally planned. They shouldn’t feel bad since he was never intended to win, he was Hillary’s lackey from the very beginning.

Welcome to politics.

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