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Should Women Feel Bad About Their Abortions?
An Image of A Pregnant Mother Trying To Decide If Her Child Lives or Dies
An Image of A Pregnant Mother Trying To Decide If Her Child Lives or Dies
June 24, 2016

Whether or not women should feel bad about their abortion is a question often debated by both sides of the abortion issue. The feelings of guilt that come after killing something so innocent and precious is not uncommon. These same feelings are often used as a wedge to try and get expectant mothers to let their child live, while the those that are in favor of abortion will deny these feelings even exist at all.

Let's be perfectly honest; abortion is where a mother asks a doctor or an abortion provider to kill the life inside of her. Often this request is brought on by a variety of reasons such as; Parents of the mother who have other plans for their child, A mother who does not want the child or doesn't want one yet, a mother who uses abortion as a form of contraception, and on rare occasions, abortion is used as a way humans can get away with the crime of killing another human being. Almost always though, a mother requests the abortion procedure because the child is an inconvenience.

The Pro-Life movement has no intention of blaming the mother for the abortion and instead would like to portray the mother as a victim of unscrupulous abortion providers. This intention, while noble, is also misleading. It's used because the goal of the pro-life movement is to limit the number of unborn children murdered each day. The Pro-Life movement has been fighting this battle since the 70's and have found this tactic to be the most effective.

To the question proposed at the beginning of this article, “should a woman feel bad about their abortion?” That is something that must be decided by the one having the abortion, but often feelings are ignored by our decisions. These feelings exist only if the mother considers the life growing inside their body to be of value or does she feel it's an inconvenience to her plans.

Pain, Regret or Remorse are some of the feelings that may come with the procedure, and your abortion provider may not inform you of this, but one should be prepared for them.

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