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Surprise....Crooked Hillary Escapes Prosecution By the Justice Department
Images of Both Lynch and Clinton Moments Before the Sneaky Meeting in Phoenix
Images of Both Lynch and Clinton Moments Before the Sneaky Meeting in Phoenix
July 5, 2016

As most people have heard by now, the FBI will not recommend Federal charges be brought against Crooked Hillary Clinton. This information was released hours before she was scheduled to meet with Barack for a joint campaign appearance. FBI director, James Toomey, mentioned that Crooked Hillary was “extremely careless” and said any reasonable person should have known better.

According to the the FBI, there was a yearlong investigation where the FBI examined multiple servers, interviewed dozens of people and read over 30,000 emails, there was also a recent interview with Crooked Hillary. The FBI stated there was no evidence Crooked Hillary sent or received classified information. Although she was careless and irresponsible, she got away with it. Mr. Toomey stated, “our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”

Her emails were routed through a personal server in her own home in Chappaqua, NY. Her actions are not an example to be followed and any private citizen who tried something like this would lose their job or be incarcerated.

Loretta Lynch, who at this time has the title of Attorney General, said our Justice Department will accept the FBI’s recommendation. One has to question her ability to remain impartial considering she recently had a sneaky meeting at an airport in Phoenix with the Former President and husband of Crooked Hillary. Multiple democrats have come to Lynch’s defense and no-one is saying what the meeting was about. Although, a democrat from Delaware was questioned on CNN and said, “it doesn’t send the right signal.”

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