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Theory :: How The LGBT Community is Created
A Depiction of the Genetic Alterations in our DNA That Accumulate to Retard the Human Species
A Depiction of the Genetic Alterations in our DNA That Accumulate to Retard the Human Species
July 29, 2016

Our planet is finite in nature and there is a maximum number of people it can sustain. Population growth continues to grow year after year and at the time of this article’s creation, our population was 7.125 billion and was not showing any signs of slowing.

The people of our planet have been reproducing since the dawn of man. We have reached a critical mass and we are starting to become overpopulated. Our population’s “genetic diversity” was greatest when we first made regular trips to other continents. Since then, our population has grown more isolated and variations in our genetic material has decreased. Now with every new generation we are subject to very small amounts of inbreeding.

The offspring of inbred parents are subject to deformities or retardation. This retardation is mild and cumulative so with each successive generation the retardation is more severe. These newly retarded people are known as the LGBT community. The depravity of the LGBT community will continue grow along with the retardation and perhaps one day their sex acts will be so common they are done everywhere. Fortunately, this retardation only affects a small percentage of the population, but over time, this will grow larger. does not necessarily subscribe to this theory. The writers of our site overwhelmingly believe the LGBT community are liberals who have made a choice and the ultimate goal of these people is to have free and open sex whenever they like with whoever or whatever. Large swaths of the population claim that the LGBT community are born that way and victim to genetics and it is these people who may find this theory of interest.

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