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Torture On The West Side
Mugshots of the Four Torturers
Mugshots of the Four Torturers
January 13, 2017

No event concerning racial issues should trouble people more that the blatant racism on display in the recent video of the disabled kid being tortured. In the live stream a young, white, handicapped kid is seen bound and gagged while he is tortured by four black people. This video was live-streamed for at least 30 minutes on “The Book of Face” and was seen by as many as 16,000 people. The video was shared multiple times on “Youtube”, “Twitter” and many other social media sites.

The torture took place on the west side of gun-controlled Chicago. One of the kids parents dropped him off in northwest part of town so he could spend the night with one of the torturers, he was picked up in a stolen vehicle and was driven to the place the crime was committed. That was where the handicapped kid stayed for the next two days. During this time he was beaten, kicked, forced to drink toilet water, hurled racial insults at and other forms of torture the victims haven’t confessed. In the video, one of the torturers can be seen wielding a knife, cutting the victims clothes and carving flesh from his scalp. The victims screams were ignored.

The handicapped white kid eventually managed to free himself and escape after the torturers left to confront a man complaining about all the noise. He was later found by police wandering downtown Chicago., he was wearing shorts, a tank top, and sandals in freezing weather.

The Black Lives Matter movement has been tied to this despicable act through the use of “Twitter” and the hashtag #blmkiddnaping, which was deliberately misspelled to prevent the liberals at “Twitter” from applying a censor. If not for the application of the BLM word and the intentional misspelling the liberals would have been successful at keeping this quiet, instead this hashtag became a trending topic. The liberal media was displeased and now almost all have been forced to report on this story.

The police in gun-controlled Chicago. have stated that the there was no connection between the torturers and the BLM movement, a claim the media reported with glee. A claim we will doubt until the NAACP, the Black Lives Matter National Organization, the Congressional Black Caucus and Barack Hussein Obama all condemn these heinous acts.

The four torturers are due in federal court on Friday. They all face charges of aggravated kidnapping, hate crime, aggravated unlawful restraint and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

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