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Trump Victory Baffles Pliable Liberals
The 2016 Election Map Showing All Red States Won by President-Elect Trump
The 2016 Election Map Showing All Red States Won by President-Elect Trump
November 9, 2016

Donald J. Trump will be the next President of the United States. Republicans will control all three branches of government. The only obstacle a Trump administration will have is the harsh language used by Democrats. Obamacare, Funding for Planned Parenthood, tax reform, illegal aliens (the PC term is undocumented immigrants) and amnesty for terrorists are just some of the things that will be drastically altered, stopped or ended.

Liberal Democrats were stunned at news of Trumps’ win. They were told by multiple media sources, countless times and in countless ways how Crooked Hillary is dominating and she will easily win. Almost every poll conducted by “reputable” pollsters confirmed this deception. The night before the election, prediction markets gave Crooked Hillary over a 90% chance of becoming the next President. The current President and all living past President’s thought Crooked Hillary would win. They were all wrong. So why was the outcome so different than expected? Why was this deception so widespread?

The answer is simple. Every poll, all media outlets, every prediction market were all being influenced by the Clinton campaign. There was never any widespread belief, apart from the influential media, that the Hildabeast would run away with this election. Everyone seems to think donations to political campaigns are only funds for more commercials or yard signs but the reality is those donations often go to influence public opinion through polls or gifts to media outlets. The source of news and the way in which it is viewed determines how easily one is influenced. The ability to buy a talking head or buy a poll is a tactic often used in the political arena.

Crooked Hillary’s campaign was supposed to use the Javits Center in New York to give a victory speech to her supporters. Her supporters ended up sobbing in tears of disbelief. There was no speech of any kind and were consoled by the pop-singer, Katy Perry.

Maybe in the future, mentally-ill liberals will not be so easily misled, although, if history is any indicator, this will happen again.

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