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When We Rise: A Celebration Of The Mentally Ill
Sexually Ambiguous Emily Skeggs, A Liberal Who Will Try and Corrupt Your Children Tonight.
Sexually Ambiguous Emily Skeggs, A Liberal Who Will Try and Corrupt Your Children Tonight.
February 27, 2017

Tonight, those on the left will be treated to a dash of liberalism courtesy of the ABC network. Homosexual, Dustin Lance Black has written a show featuring the mentally ill, and the “history” of the LGBT community. The fact that these mentally challenged people are being exploited for financial gain by a television network as large as ABC is a fact that will be swept under the rug. Millions of people will tune into this network tonight to see the mentally challenged, like some sort of freak show at a circus, perform acts of debauchery on national television. Most will be disappointed since it is being billed as an educational video and attempts to “chart the history of gay and transgender rights.”

Right thinking parents should be aware this is another attempt by the LGBT community to normalize this sordid behaviour and make being mentally ill socially acceptable. Although children may be better served if they didn’t watch it in the first place, any exposed to this debauchery tonight should be made aware of the intentions of the LGBT community. Simply put, their goals are to liberalize everything, they want to be able to have free and open sex with whatever, with whomever, wherever and whenever they choose.

Attempts like this is not unusual for members of the LGBT community. They often have parades where sexually ambiguous people dress in extremely revealing clothing to draw attention to themselves. Their have been multiple occasions where liberal politicians will make a point of exposing their children to sexual deviants to score points with their political party, and their will be no shortage of those same politicians corrupting young minds tonight. One has to wonder if these liberal politicians have any sense of right vs wrong or if they should be able to have kids in the first place.

The LGBT will try to recruit more tonight and will do it with help from ABC

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