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Who is Goofy Elizabeth Warren?
Goofy Elizabeth Warren Giving the Traditional Indian Greeting “How”
Goofy Elizabeth Warren Giving the Traditional Indian Greeting “How”
May 20, 2016

Pocahontas is the senior Senator from Massachusetts and liberal champion to the democrat party. She used to be one of the more influential college professor's and most successful in indoctrination of our youth. She has bounced around colleges all over the country to spread her vile brand of liberalism. She has influenced young minds in New Jersey, Texas, Michigan, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

She is best known for her assertion that she has Cherokee Ancestry. In the early years of affirmative action, Warren listed herself as a minority in the school's of Harvard and Pennsylvania. Both school's deny that her declared race was a factor in hiring yet at the time, they were under intense pressure to diversify their staff. She has exploited the minority community by claiming to be one herself and to gain an advantage in the employment market. She has never backed down and highlights her belief she is part Cherokee Indian in her 2014 book “A Fighting Chance.”

She is also known for her starring role in the liberal documentary by Michael Moore titled “Capitalism: A Love Story” and her speech in Andover, Massachusetts where she claimed that no-one in the U.S. got rich without depending on the infrastructure paid for by the rest of society. Apparently every rich person in the country owes a big “Thank You” to Pocahontas.

Many liberal news organizations have came to Goofy Elizabeth's defense and claimed she is correct in her assertion. They say having only 1/32 Cherokee ancestry is sufficient for tribal citizenship. By those standards, almost every reader of could claim a minority heritage and reap the benefits afforded to minorities.

There is absolutely zero proof she has any Indian ancestry. She can only point to “family stories” as evidence. She has doubled down on her claim and told a liberal CNN interviewer “I am proud of my Native American Heritage.”

The sinister lies told by Pocahontas is audacious and harmful to the minority community.

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