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Why Abortion is a Barbaric Act
An Image of a Woman about To Kill the Life Inside Her
An Image of a Woman about To Kill the Life Inside Her
October 28, 2016

Abortion has become such a common practice, that the barbarism of the act is easily ignored. It is comparable to acts such as cannibalism, self-mutilation, the extreme forms of torture used during the crusades and many other forms of inhumanity. Abortion supporters often commit this act by convincing themselves the life is not another person and in doing so they slip further and further into the depths of depravity. The ability to choose which life lives and which one dies is a slippery slope that devalues us all.

As mentioned in previous articles on this subject, the pro-abortion choose to think of the child as a clump of cells, an appendage of the mother or fetal tissue that can easily be discarded. This type of thinking is encouraged by the legalization of abortion since the pro-abortion confuse what is legal for what is right. They conveniently forget that here in the United States, slavery, was once legal and there are other atrocities committed in foreign countries still to this day. The Concentration camps in Nazi Germany, the extremism of the Islam religion, the Spanish Inquisition, slavery in ancient Egypt were all once considered legal.

Since the pro-abortion choose to regard the life inside as something other than a child, here is an argument they might understand:

Imagine a puppy. It’s the littlest and cutest puppy you’ve ever seen in your life. It has these sad little eyes that make you melt inside when it looks at you. The puppy is visibly shaking and appears to be pleading with you to keep it warm. Another person appears next to the puppy. This person is cold and indifferent to the feelings of the puppy. They pick up the small little puppy and with one hand, they throw it as hard as possible against a brick wall. This is how the pro-abortion are seen by those who value life. It is taking something innocent, vulnerable and precious and crushing it with an act of violence.

The above argument might not have any effect on the pro-abortion, they may have already slipped so far into depravity that a barbaric act like this doesn’t evoke any feelings at all. The pro-abortion are in a gradual process of becoming cold and indifferent to the world around them and one day, feelings of love, compassion and joy will be a stranger.

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