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Why Killing Unborn Children Is Not A Crime in the US?
An Image Of An Unborn Child Whose Life Can Be Ended Without Consequences
An Image Of An Unborn Child Whose Life Can Be Ended Without Consequences
November 23, 2016

There are a great many things one can be arrested for, but killing the unborn is not one of them. The acts of jaywalking, littering and loitering are considered more heinous crimes than the murder of an innocent. The Democrat party encourages more killing and even celebrates the anniversary of an organization devoted to the murder of unborn.

The act of killing the unborn was ensured by a decision by the United States Supreme Court on the issue of abortion. The infamous case was Roe v. Wade. The justices wrongly decided that abortion was a fundamental right under the constitution and it was at this point, the slow, but steady decline of our value system began.

An entire industry has been created around these immoral acts. There are medical professionals whose only job is the murder of the unborn, there are medical waste services that dispose of the corpse and there are stem cell researchers who use select bodies in medical research. The largest and most infamous of these is an organization called “Planned Parenthood.” This is an organization that is funded by our government to provide for “women’s health” which is a sinister way of saying they can end the life inside a mother. They employ countless individuals to perform the killing and disposal of the body. Scientists will often experiment on these bodies in attempts to find cures for various illnesses, which is a benefit often cited by lobbyists. What they fail to understand is that by using the knowledge gained from these experiments, we validate these horrific acts and invite more unethical research.

An adjustment of our laws to make the murder of an unborn child illegal is needed. This would solve many dilemmas and ensure our laws and morality are nearly equal or at the very least they would be similar. The pro-abortion lobby will often use “a woman’s right to choose” as an argument against any restrictions placed on killing an unborn child. Their argument would be nullified if killing the innocent was illegal.

Currently, we can choose to kill an adult human being, although we would face severe consequences, just extend these same consequences to the murder of unborn children and let the pro-abortion make their choice.

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