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Why Liberals Should Stop Saying Russians Hacked The Election
CSS Rules. The Things Vladimir Putin Used To Hack Our Election Machines.
CSS Rules. The Things Vladimir Putin Used To Hack Our Election Machines.
January 6, 2017

Almost everyone has heard by now the claims made by the dnc, the media and the rest of the liberals who have said the Russian’s have hacked the election to provide an unfair advantage to the President-Elect. They say Russia intended to help Trump and hurt Clinton. Most see this as more wining by the losers since their attempt to overturn the election’s results by recounting the votes cast in strategic states failed miserably. Here is why the liberals should stop making the ridiculous claim of Russian involvement.

These claims have been exacerbated by the Obama administration’s CIA and other law enforcement agencies, who have concluded that the Russian government had deployed hackers to create chaos in the election. They knew these things weeks before the election but never said anything. Last week the CIA presented lawmakers with a brief saying they have “high confidence” that Russia intervened to help elect Donald J. Trump, and they reached this latest conclusion without any new intelligence. They also claim the Russian’s hacked the Republicans but that has been refuted by the RNC. The fact that our intelligence agencies can be used for political gain is blatantly obvious.

The liberals want the public to believe Russians hacked the 2016 election, but by making this argument, they open the door to questioning the legitimacy of every President, including the current one. The entire Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama could be as legitimate as an illegal alien’s vote. The same amount of proof exists for the possibility of Russian hacking as it does for the irregular voting in the liberal state of california. Russian influence can also be blamed for the amount of elected democrats in state and federal offices.

So why this election and not any other? The answer is simple: They do not want a President Trump. They believe our country has grown so liberal that the possibility American voter’s chose Trump is unthinkable. They assume to know the thoughts, wants and needs of the American public when in actuality they are extremely out of touch.

Continuing to blame Russia for the election results will damage the democrat party and all elected democrats.

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