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Why Obamacare Should be Repealed and Not Replaced
The White House at Night
The White House at Night
February 10, 2017

President Trump and almost every GOP politician has stated they would like to see the affordable care act, more commonly known as obamacare, be repealed and replaced with a less disastrous and less expensive healthcare law. Repealing obamacare will ease the financial burden placed on our economy.

At the time of this articles creation the “Patient Care Act” was introduced by Senators from Maine and Louisiana. Basically, this is just a watered down version of what we already have but gives more power to the states. People could choose a new state alternative, they can choose to stay with obamacare or they can choose nothing at all. One of the bills backers has said, “Health insurance works by having a lot of healthy people and you distribute the cost of care for the more expensive to care for over the many healthy.”

The “Patient Care Act” is just one of the many replacement options that will be put forth by the Republican Party. The fact that obamacare will be repealed is not in question, what the replacement plan will look like is questionable. Even if there is a repeal, the few remaining blue states will still use some form of Medicaid expansion like Medi-Cal.

What should be considered is returning healthcare to levels seen before obama was elected. No matter what replacement is introduced by the GOP, they will need to force millions of Americans to foot the bill for millions of other people, most of whom have no desire to earn an income. Large swaths of the population will receive free “stuff,” and that will encourage people to stay home, do drugs, have kids, commit crime, and many other types of behavior created by liberal ideas. Most social programs already do this but the affordable care act is more recent and it’s repeal will be welcomed by many.

Whatever is to be done, the makers shouldn’t be forced to pay the takers. Remember there are no federal funds, there are only taxpayer funds. The sooner politicians realize this the better we will be as a country.

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