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Why the Public Opposes Giving LGBT Access to Restrooms of the Opposite Sex
A Restroom the LGBT Community Would Like to Share With Members Of the Opposite Sex
A Restroom the LGBT Community Would Like to Share With Members Of the Opposite Sex
April 22, 2016

Anyone who has watched the news recently has seen that the state of North Carolina has passed a controversial law that essentially bans the mentally ill (LGBT) from using the bathrooms of the opposite sex. It also prevents the cities in the state from passing ordinances that force acceptance of this deviant lifestyle. The state has received much opposition by groups from other states, businesses, entertainers and others who refuse to do business in the state. Upon receiving mountains of criticism and the law being misinterpreted, the governor of the state threw North Carolina's critics a bone with an executive order to “affirm and improve the state's commitment to privacy and equality."

This wasn't a law passed out of malice or to harm certain individuals, this was purely a response to the wishes of the people of North Carolina. These politicians have listened to the will of their constituents and have responded by passage of a law.

One has to ask themselves, why do the people of this state want their to be a law like this? What good can come from this bill becoming law? The answers to these questions can be found by examining the will and the goals of the LGBT community. Simply put, the goal of the LGBT community is to have free and open sex with whoever, with whatever and whenever they like.

Gay bathhouses have filled a similar role in the past but the LGBT community would like to expand their reach to include public restrooms. This should not come as a surprise since they have a sordid history of trying to force the general public to accept their debauchery.

The people of North Carolina don't want their sons or daughters to share a bathroom with a member of the opposite sex for fear of molestation. It would not be hard at all for a sexual pervert to dress as a woman, enter a woman's bathroom with a young child and have their way with them.

The residents of North Carolina wanted protection from sexual deviants and politicians gave it to them.

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