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Why The Democrats Keep Losing
An Image of the Live and Dead Muslim Terrorist With The Car Used In The Attacks
An Image of the Live and Dead Muslim Terrorist With The Car Used In The Attacks
November 30, 2016

For those who may have turned off the news in protest of the media’s collusion with the democrat party, there has been another terrorist attack. This time it was at Ohio State University.

The liberals and other mentally-ill can’t seem to catch a break. There was the recent election in which the GOP pulled off a landslide victory and chose the next President. The democrats were expected to win at least one branch of the Federal Government (they didn’t). They tried to win more Governor’s races. (they didn’t). Now there is this terrorist attack at OSU.

It is a forgone conclusion the democrats attempt to restrict Americans from possessing firearms and they strive to open borders for the flood of refugee’s and illegal aliens. What makes this terrorist attack so striking is that the terrorist was a muslim refugee from Somalia and used a car and knife. His very existence and this horrific act counter the democrat argument for opening borders and increasing gun laws.

Virginia’s Senator Tim Kaine, whom the democrats tried to make Vice President, even went so far as to blame our second Amendment rights for the muslim attacks at OSU. He said, via Twitter, he was saddened by the “senseless act of gun violence” at the school. He later back-tracked those remarks, but his intended damage was already done.

OSU’s Diversity Officer, Stephanie Clemons Thompson, urged the students of OSU to have compassion for the troubled life of the muslim terrorist. Undoubtedly, she is a liberal and insane views like this is one of the reasons the democrat party will remain in the minority.

It may be time for democrats to embrace the positions held by the President-Elect, Donald J. Trump. The democrat party needs to try something different. If they want things to remain as they are to appease the mentally-ill (liberals), then they do so at their own peril.

There will be another election in two years, time for the democrat party to decide if they want to win or keep losing and do they want to remain a national party.

Editor's Note: This article did not mention the terrorists name, muslim is enough.
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