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Why We Fear for Safety of the Children of Pro-Abortion Parents
A Depiction Of A Child Whose Parents Advocate For Murder Of The Unborn
A Depiction Of A Child Whose Parents Advocate For Murder Of The Unborn
July 22, 2016

Some of the people who support abortion have any number of children and they can be any age, race, sex or gender. They are alive today because they have escaped the barbarism of their parents. The most likely scenario is that the parents had a momentary lapse of reasoning, crisis of conscious or divine intervention and their children are survivors of the horrifying judgement their parents wield.

Undoubtedly, pro-abortion parents will claim their children are alive because they made a choice and the conception wasn't an accident. They will insist their child's birth is something that happened because it was convenient and the babies they kill are an inconvenience. They consider their selfish acts human nature, see nothing wrong and have no desire to change.

Often, pro-abortion parents have proven they are comfortable with the act of committing murder, either through an abortion of their own, support of abortion providers or the support of pro-abortion political candidates. They feel safe advocating for the death of the innocent or those unable to make choices when they have their own children waiting at home. This situation is what concerns people the most.

Since pro-abortion parents are comfortable choosing what child lives and which one dies, these parents can easily focus their judgement on their born children. Young children have no idea their parents advocate for the murder of the unborn and they don't even have any concept of right and wrong.

These parents have such little regard for life yet they serve as parental figures or role models to the young. It is a difficult situation to be in and concern for the well-being of the children is extremely reasonable.

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