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Will Crooked Hillary Go The Way Of Geraldine Ferraro
An Image of the Soon to Be Defeated, Crooked Hillary
An Image of the Soon to Be Defeated, Crooked Hillary
November 4, 2016

The Presidential Election of 1984 between Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale was considered historic, especially when it was announced that Geraldine Ferraro was going to be the Democrat Vice-Presidential nominee. She was to be the first woman nominated to that position by a major political party (sound familiar?).

Mondale had hoped his nominating a woman would appeal to women voters and he would be the beneficiary. The Democrat and Republican parties both use sex and race often as tools and most voters are aware they play these types of games. Our current election is no exception, the Democrat party normally takes the black vote for granted and chose not to nominate an African-American, instead Crooked Hillary nominated Tim Kaine. Her intention was to appeal to white male voters due to her lack of appeal in that area.

One of the major differences between now and the election of 1984 is that Ronald Reagan had a demanding lead in the polls. The lead was also consistent, his lead was maintained for twelve straight months. According to current polling, Crooked Hillary is leading in polls and has continued to do so for some time.

What is clear is that Mondale’s attempts to woo women voters by nominating someone because of their gender had no effect on the election’s outcome. In fact, it may have even been harmful since he lost by such a large margin. One must understand that his defeat was considered a landslide, Reagan won both the popular vote and the electoral college, Mondale won only one state.

Crooked Hillary is also betting voters will choose her due to her gender. Her imminent defeat will only discourage future women candidates from even trying and an unlikely win will encourage sexism, since future political candidates will use their gender as a tool to get votes.

Win or lose, the candidacy of Crooked Hillary is harmful to our country.

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